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Cauliflower Ear in MMA: Why the ‘Gnarly’ Injury Is Considered a ‘Badge of Honor’

by Juan D. Vanpelt

Leslie Smith was feeling pretty top while her ear exploded. At least, she changed into feeling as precise as you may feel in the middle of an athletic contest with incredibly high stakes and probably existence-changing effects. High above sea level, in the front of a raucous crowd in Mexico City that she believed regarded determined for blood, Smith was looking to supply the audience precisely what it wanted. The fighter known as “The Peacemaker” became stalking Jessica Eye in the Octagon when it passed. It became 2014, and Smith and Eye have been of the world’s best flyweights, seeking to set up traction within the UFC’s then-newly opened bantamweight division—probable combat with Ronda Rousey UFC championship the lengthy-term prize both had their sights on.

Cauliflower Ear in MMA: Why the 'Gnarly' Injury Is Considered a 'Badge of Honor' 2

Smith changed into so reason on dwelling up to her reputation as “the woman Diaz brother”—of wreaking havoc and chaos inside the cage—that she didn’t even be aware that the plasma turned into already flowing, or that it was hers. But no person else who saw the gruesome sluggish-motion replay is probably to soon forget about the spectacle. It changed into an innocuous proper hand close to the give up of the primary round that did it. Nothing special. No complex windup or mystery technique. One punch amongst dozens that Eye had winged her way that night time. Even returned in her corner among rounds, it failed to occur to Smith that she became part of the kind of drama that basically most effectively exists in the wild global combat sports activities.

“I had no idea it had exploded like that,” Smith tells Bleacher Report nearly five years later. “It did no harm. I did not experience it. Adrenaline is one hell of a drug.”A few blows inside the 2d round exacerbated an awful scenario, leaving Smith’s ear actually dangling (a few photos NSFW) from her head as referee Herb Dean stepped in to stop the fight. Smith threw, by using her personal description, a tantrum in the cage, furious that she wasn’t allowed to hold. It nevertheless

It hadn’t quite dawned on her that she’d almost long gone complete-on Mick Foley in the front of millions of fanatics looking round the sector on television. The first time it harms become when they’d already stopped the fight,” she says. “One of the officers got here over, took a wad of gauze, and shoved it internal of my ear on the front in which it became coming off my head. He shoved a variety of it in there. That’s once I found out it is probably pretty serious.

They spent an hour inside the back, sewing it back together as I lay there. Even then, I was nevertheless mad. I sincerely could have traded that ear for a win. That’s why they have got humans in there to make the ones selections for us.” Smith’s ear, of direction, didn’t spontaneously explode. The eye doesn’t possess a death contact like the masters in a vintage Sunday morning kung fu flick. Instead, the culprit changed into a regular sickness, as a minimum for those who exchange both fists or holds for a dwelling. Doctors would possibly name it an auricular hematoma.

Fighters and wrestlers sincerely call it “cauliflower ear. Your frame hurts all over after an education session for fight sports, as a minimum if you’re doing it right. But best, the ear offers the specific aggregate of cartilage and area for blood to pool that creates the surroundings for the flesh to die instantly, trapped all the time in a large quantity resembling cauliflower. It’s an occupational threat for fight sports.

Will Carroll, a former sportswriter, now running in biomechanics and damage prevention at Motus Global, says. “The basic etiology is that the ear receives hit, and there’s trauma within the ear, normally with harm to the cartilage. The ensuing bruising can genuinely reduce the blood drift and make the tissue in the region die, which is called necrosis. The trauma additionally separates a space inside the ear full of blood, loose tissue, and all sorts of other crap, which sooner or later solidifies and adheres to the vicinity, which causes the uncommon form and swelling.

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