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Concussions Are Most Common Injury In Children’s Sports, Study Finds

by Juan D. Vanpelt

Children’s leisure sports are growing more aggressive than ever. And with which can come huge accidents. A first-of-its-type look at youngsters aged five to eleven who play leisure sports activities has observed that concussions are the most not unusual harm on this age organization. High faculty, college, and expert athletes are carefully studied. But some distance much fewer studies have been performed on how often younger children get injured, stated lead study writer Karen Liller, a professor at the University of South Florida College of Public Health.

Concussions Are Most Common Injury In Children's Sports, Study Finds 2

We had heard people say properly, children that age are too younger, they are too small, they absolutely don’t get harm when they play sports activities, they definitely don’t have concussions,” Liller stated. And one of the matters that we determined in this study changed: they do certainly get injured, and they certainly get concussions.

The study involved 1,500 children, women, and boys, gambling recreational football, soccer, baseball, and softball in Hillsborough County, in leagues now not organized with the aid of faculties. Over the 2 years of the look, researchers documented a total of 26 injuries. Now those accidents-what you have to understand-they may be just not falling or having a scraped knee. This could be an injury wherein it was sufficient so that the kid could not return to exercise or play for at the least an afternoon. They had to be seen by way of a scientific expert,” stated Liller.

Liller and her team documented fractures, warmth accidents, and dental accidents.

I suppose what turned into surprising for us was no longer so much that we noticed some of these accidents. I suppose what became exciting approximately it became that almost 1/2 of these injuries have been surely concussions.”In the first 12 months of the look at, football seemed to be the game with the finest accidents. But in the 2d year of the have a look at, it becomes soccer.

While they look at indicated youngsters, they have become hurt less regularly and less severely than, say, person or expert league athletes; Liller stated that might not be an honest assessment to make. I don’t think it is good to examine it, if you’ll, to high school and collegiate (sports activities) due to the fact this is totally distinctive the level of play, how sturdy they may be as they become older,” Liller stated. “It’s an exceptional sport if you’ll. But you know, they’re still there.

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