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Olivia Munn Had Health Problems After Speaking

by Juan D. Vanpelt

Olivia Munn is working on her health after stress took its toll on her body.

The actress, 38, said that frustrations in the course of ultimate two years stemming from the sexual harassment instances in Hollywood — Munn became a part of accusations of assault and sexual harassment against director Brett Ratner in 2017, and had to protect herself in 2018 after getting to know that she had been in scenes with a registered intercourse culprit in The Predator — left her with a full-body rash that medical doctors couldn’t discern out at the start.

Olivia Munn Had Health Problems After Speaking 2

The first of all ideas Munn had lupus, however later determined that the rash was because of strain, which she stated needed to go along with her challenge over the path of the Times Up motion.

“One of the things that stress me out greater than anything is how can we do right by way of [the people who spoke out]?” she said to Women’s Health for their July cowl tale. “It’s infuriating. We can’t tell memories approximately humans after which they no longer care about them. You can fake to be a real-life hero in films and TV shows, and on Instagram; however, the real advocates are the ones who stand beside the people who make a distinction inside the international.”

With the source of the rash now known, Munn is running on her usual health. She’s into alternative treatments, like infrared-heated crystal mats, magnet remedy, and historical Chinese recovery techniques; however, there’s one form of self-care that she can’t get into. “I tried so difficultly [to meditate] for years,” she admitted. “The hard thing for me about meditating is wondering, Am I doing it right? Did I try this for not anything? Do I ought to begin all over? My mind begins to spin.”

But Munn loves martial arts, which she started out doing as a child and rediscovered in 2015 when she filmed X-Men. At that factor, she became schooling often in the Kwon and following a strict weight-reduction plan — 80 percentage uncooked foods and constrained complex carbs and meat — which she plans to do once more now that her timetable has bogged down. “When you do martial arts, it makes you sense such as you’re bodily able to anything,” she said. “And the terrific side effect is that while you’re in your exceptional shape, you genuinely will look your best too.”

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