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Rinovum Women’s Health Debuts All-New Over-the-Counter

by Juan D. Vanpelt

PITTSBURGH, June 18, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Rinovum Women’s Health, a privately-held organization committed to providing products supporting decorate ladies’ lives and empowering them to take pride in their fitness, introduced nowadays the overall availability of Revive™ – an FDA-cleared, over the counter urethral support device that has been clinically proven to deal with the motive of pressure urinary incontinence (SUI), additionally called light bladder leaks. After efficaciously growing The Stork ®OTC, the first theory resource bought over-the-counter, Rinovum Women’s Health has made Revive to be had in almost five,000 retail locations nationwide and developing.

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Revive is a comfortable, clean-to-use, reusable bladder aid device that works from the inside out through internally helping ladies bladders to reduce leakage from pressure urinary incontinence for as much as 12 hours. Designed to be comfy and effective, Revive is inserted into the vaginal tract using a tampon-like applicator. It supports the urethra and surrounding muscular tissues to reduce leaks related to pressure urinary incontinence briefly. Revive is without difficulty removed the usage of a looped retrieval string and can be restrung for reuse up to 31 days.

Stress urinary incontinence (SUI) is the accidental loss of urine whilst physical movement or pastime places pressure on the bladder. Nearly one-in-3 ladies inside the United States (15 million girls) between a long time 30 to 60 record urinary incontinence problems. As a result, ladies with SUI are eighty percent likely to broaden clinically identified depression.

“Rinovum strives to take clinically demonstrated clinical technology and, via innovation, cause them to to be had as over-the-counter merchandise extensively,” stated Stephen Bollinger, CEO, and President of Rinovum Women’s Health. “Revive is another critical milestone for Rinovum. With its tampon-like applicator and elimination string, Revive lets in girls to move approximately their day worry-free and return to an energetic lifestyle.”

Revive was studied in a multi-middle look at in more than one city and states, with girls vary in age, BMI, and SUI severity. Designed to be one length suits most, the have a look at confirmed ninety percentage of contributors felt that the product turned into a perfect fit upon first use, and 92.8 percent of users stated little to no discomfort while doing away with the bladder aid. In addition, Revive decreased bladder leakage episodes to much less than one according to day, with 71 percentage of ladies experiencing a clinically big discount in SUI symptoms. Seventy-nine percent of members stated experiencing no soreness even as sporting the Revive bladder support, and 83 percent said that they might advise the product to others.

Revive is likewise an environmentally pleasant device because it considerably reduces pad and plastic waste to reduce the demand for pads, panty liners, and adult diapers. More than 12 billion pads, seven billion tampons, and 5 billion person diapers are deposited into landfills annually.

Revive is placed in the female hygiene or incontinence aisle in most stores. Visit userevive.Com for more information approximately Revive, inclusive of wherein to purchase, and Rinovum Women’s Health.

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