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Rinovum Women’s Health Debuts Revolutionary

by Juan D. Vanpelt

PITTSBURGH (June 2019) – Rinovum Women’s Health, the makers of the success Stork® merchandise for at-domestic conception, has debuted a step forward reusable tool, clinically confirmed to deal with mild bladder leaks that do not require a prescription, impacting the greater than 15 million women in the U.S. Who be afflicted by the embarrassing problem. The revolutionary product Revive™ is an FDA-cleared urethral guide device designed to empower women and help them to take the rate of their fitness with the aid of kicking strain urinary incontinence (SUI) to the slash. After efficaciously developing The Stork ®OTC, the first concept aid bought over the counter, Rinovum Women’s Health has made Revive available in almost 5,000 retail places national and developing.

Rinovum Women’s Health Debuts Revolutionary 2

Revive is a comfortable, smooth-to-use, reusable bladder support device that works from the inside out using internally supporting women’s bladders to lessen leakage from strain urinary incontinence for as much as 12 hours. It additionally lets girls ditch buying and wearing bulking pads, which cannot be reused. Designed to be both secure and powerful, Revive is inserted into the vaginal tract using a tampon-like applicator. It supports the urethra and surrounding muscle groups to reduce leaks related to pressure urinary incontinence briefly. Revive is without difficulty removed the usage of a looped retrieval string and maybe restrung for reuse as much as 31 days.

Stress urinary incontinence (SUI) is the unintended loss of urine that happens whilst physical motion or pastime places pressure on the bladder. Nearly one-in-3 women within the United States (15 million ladies) between 30 to 60 document urinary incontinence problems. As a result, ladies with SUI are 80 percent much more likely to develop clinically identified melancholy.

“Rinovum strives to take clinically confirmed medical technologies and, through innovation, cause them to widely to be had as over-the-counter products,” said Stephen Bollinger, CEO and President of Rinovum Women’s Health. “Revive is another vital milestone for Rinovum. With its tampon-like applicator and elimination string, Revive allows girls to go about their day fear-free and go back to a lively way of life.”

Revive becomes studied in a multi-center examination in multiple cities and states, with women’s age, BMI, and SUI severity. Designed to be one size suits most, the take a look at showed ninety percent of members felt that the product was an awesome suit upon first use and 92.8 percent of users mentioned little to no discomfort whilst putting off the bladder guide. In addition, Revive decreased bladder leakage episodes to less than one in step with the day, with 71 percent of women experiencing a clinically substantial reduction in SUI signs. Seventy-nine percent of members mentioned experiencing no soreness while carrying the Revive bladder guide, and eighty-three percent said they would advocate the product to others.

Revive is also an environmentally-friendly device, as it notably reduces pad and plastic waste with the aid of reducing the call for pads, panty liners, and person diapers. More than 12 billion pads, seven billion tampons, and 5 billion adult diapers are deposited into landfills yearly. Revive is positioned within the female hygiene or incontinence aisle in maximum retailers. Visit userevive.Com for approximately Revive, which includes wherein to purchase, and Rinovum Women’s Health.

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