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Scenic Bluffs Dental opens in Prescott

by Juan D. Vanpelt

With high-tech equipment and TVs on the ceiling, Scenic Bluffs Dental is designed to be a comfortable atmosphere for all patients, even those who aren’t fans of the dentist, said owner Dr. Jay Feuillerat.

Scenic Bluffs Dental opens in Prescott 2

He opened the practice, located at 1435 North Acres Road in Prescott, this month.
  • Feuille originally planned on studying mechanical engineering in college. That quickly changed.
  • “I pivoted right away into dentistry,” he said.
  • During undergrad, he worked at a dental lab, making crowns, bridges, and other dental appliances.
  • “That’s where I really confirmed I wanted to continue down the dentistry path,” he said.
  • Feuille attended dental school at the University of Minnesota. His experience there further cemented his interest in the field.
  • “I just really enjoyed my time there doing the dental school thing of late nights and weekends and all things dentistry,” he said.

Feuille likes that the field allows him to work with his hands, making and creating. He also enjoys patient interaction. He believes all dentistry should be cosmetic and look good to the patients after graduation Feuillerat’s significant other brought him across the river to Hudson, where her family is from. From there, he began searching for a place to open his own practice. Initially, he was looking at Hastings and Red Wing. After driving through Prescott so many times to get to those places, he considered the river town an option.

“I dug into Prescott as a community a little more and decided that it was a perfect place for me to open up,” he said. The community has the small-town feel Feuillerat knows and loves as a native of Detroit Lakes, Minn. “Everybody knows everybody, that type of feel, which I do enjoy. I don’t like being strangers to everyone,” he said.

Preparing the new practice took about nine months after finding a place.

“Going forward here, it’s looking like people are interested in the office,” he said. The practice offers general dentistry such as fillings and crowns, as well as further services like root canals and dental implants. We do have a pretty broad scope of procedures that we do,” Feuillerat said. It also offers oral sedation for those who fear the dentist, or any apprehension, he said. “We can do oral sedation, which allows a lot of dentistry to be done in one or two visits and just kind of get it out of the way and make sure those people don’t have to come in on an emergency visit,” Feuillerat said.

Feuille said he is looking forward to creating a team that patients love.

“They can expect to have a dentist that they can trust and have open conversations about what their true plans or what their goals are with their treatment,” he said. Feuille said he prides himself on working to give people the highest level of care that they want. “I know that not everyone wants the same thing, but at the very least, at least keep their teeth healthy at a baseline level and prevent them from deteriorating any further,” he said.

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