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Treatment, now not punishment, UAE drug addicts assured

by Juan D. Vanpelt

Dubai: Officials on Wednesday entreated families of drug addicts to come back forward to get them handled without fear of any criminal proceedings being initiated against them.

The call was made at a nationwide marketing campaign to mark the International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking, released on the Mirdif City Centre via the Ministry of Health and Prevention in collaboration with Dubai Police, Hemaya International Centre and Erada Centre for Treatment and Rehabilitation.

Speaking thru Gulf News, Colonel Abdulla Hassan Matar Al Khayat, Director of Hemaya International Centre, told households: “Don’t be afraid to return to us. And do not be in denial. If your child has a drug hassle, get it handled. We are here that will help you.”

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He assured drug addicts that in the event that they voluntarily gift themselves to the government inquiring for remedy, they’ll no longer be punished.

“Article forty-three of the Federal Law No. 14 honestly offers this protection,” he said, adding that it’s miles best when addicts have discovered trafficking or eating pills or get concerned in criminal sports that they’re dependable.

He stated dad and mom must be greater watchful of their kids, their conduct and the buddies they keep, to make certain they do no longer stray.

Rise in instances
Officials on the Erada Centre for Treatment and Rehabilitation stated around 50-60 instances come to them as inpatients each month, with an extra 30-forty being dealt with as outpatients, as in opposition to five-10 cases 3 years in the past.

Faris Ahmad Al Hammadi, Senior Manager (Community Research) on the centre, said, “The primary motive for this sharp boom is the growing consciousness approximately the truth that drug addiction desires to be dealt with, no longer punished, as it’s miles a disorder. Having said that, we realize there are numerous greater human beings accessible whose lives are ruined and who’re misplaced. But they have to realize the trouble can be addressed. Parents must take the obligation and come to us with their kids voluntarily.”

Ahmad Al Humidi, Chief Nursing Officer at Erada, stated 58 per cent of those who have acquired treatment on the centre are aged between 18 and 29 years of age.

“The primary types of dependancy consist of alcohol, opioids like morphine and heroin and stimulants.”

The officers said the centre has treated 1hundred patients in all inside the beyond 3 years.

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