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How a vacation to Japan inspired

by Juan D. Vanpelt

started with a single product: an ingestible marine collagen powder advanced to enhance pores and skin, nail, and hair health. Now, the brand boasts an extended collagen powder offering, seven other ingestible splendor dietary supplements, collagen-packed fitness bars, sparkling liquids, and skin care. Its founder, Anna Lahey, along with her business associate and husband, is now a category leader in ingestible splendor, with a client

base of die-tough lovers, a by no means-ending flow of sparkling testimonials, and retail space at heavy-hitters like you comply with health and well-being developments, you will recognize that collagen is having a moment, but Lahey was ahead of the curve thank you in part to a journey to Japan – a futuristic beauty playground that’s light-years ahead of the rest of the arena. Lahey turned into there on holiday and noticed collagen changed into anywhere. She tried it in an try and counter her hair loss, and the consequences were so overwhelmingly wonderful that she felt compelled to check out it in addition. The studies turned into sufficient for her to take in launching her own as an aspect assignment, and then depart her actual job. Clearly, it paid off, and she or he’s now at the helm of a wildly hit brand. The powders are no joke either – all subsidized with scientific evidence and visible consequences. Lahey spoke to Vogue approximately the realities of launching an enterprise, balancing it with motherhood, and the destiny of ingestible splendor.

Where did the concept for Vida Glow come from?

“I had found collagen in Japan and within 3 weeks, I noticed a dramatic decrease in the amount of hair I become dropping. By the 5-week mark, my pores and skin had progressed, my nails have been sturdy and growing so quick. Nothing in my food plan or lifestyle had changed. I had taken so many ones of a kind hair, pores, and skin and nail dietary supplements inside the past, and nothing, in reality, had made a difference. Marine collagen was a sport changer for me. My outcomes led me to dive deep into the research, and it was all enormously compelling. I observed over 30 years of clinical and medical studies on the benefits of collagen supplementation. That turned into how I got here to the belief I wanted to do something in that space.”

What had been the primary steps you took whilst it got here to launching?

“I studied International Studies on the University of Sydney, majoring in International Business. I turned into working full-time in apparel licensing, my boyfriend on the time (who is now my husband) changed into running in assets. Vida Glow is self-funded, and we launched with one product, our original marine collagen, at September 13, 2014. I keep in mind it well, as it becomes our wedding ceremony day.

My husband and I started operating on Vida Glow while additionally maintaining our actual ‘jobs’. I then moved to operate from home totally on Vida Glow, and eventually employed our first worker. We now have a purpose-built office and fulfillment center. I’ve been worried in every element of our brand and product development, in close consultation with our production partners.”

Have you ever involved it would not paintings?

“Of direction! I had won awesome results, I had studied the studies and knew the product had legs, however there have been such a lot of variables. Would different people gain equal blessings? Would the business fail? Collagen became in its infancy in lots of methods and I wasn’t sure how the complement could be received. We took a chance and had a pass, and prefer each person starting a business, it changed into frightening with many demanding situations.”

The business has clearly scaled enormously – changed into that always the plan, or has it passed your expectations?

“When we commenced, we always had ambitious dreams and aspirations for our brand. To see it grow to be a reality has manifestly been a splendid factor. As far as we’re concerned, this is simplest the start of in which we’d like to head.”

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