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How To Balance Wellbeing, Fitness & Work – With Advice From Carly Rowena & Louise Aubery

by Juan D. Vanpelt

When life demands become overwhelming, maintaining a healthy mind and body can fall low on our priority list. (How many times have you canceled a gym class because of work?) Despite this, we know that we’re our happiest, most productive, and social selves when we’ve carved out time to exercise, hydrate properly and nourish ourselves with good food.
So how do we find that optimum balance – fuelling us to do more of what we love – and stick to it?

Water is vital for regulating body temperature and keeping your mind clear and focused. We’ve partnered with Evian natural mineral water to ask two women with busy lifestyles exactly that. UK-based fitness coach Carly Rowena and holistic wellness influencer Louise Aubery from Paris agree that the coveted ‘balance’ is something you have to work at every day – and it’s not always easy. Even on the busiest days, simply remembering to stay hydrated will help. Evian natural mineral water has a neutral pH, making it a healthy choice for everyone, including expectant mums.

How To Balance Wellbeing, Fitness & Work – With Advice From Carly Rowena & Louise Aubery 2

Read on for an inspiring look into Carly and Louise’s daily routines. Full of tips from how to squeeze exercise into the day to hydrating regularly, they share what they get up to from sunrise to sunset and how that fuels them to do more.
I have a 6-month-old daughter, Jax, so my mornings are a little different from how they used to be. Today she woke up around 5.30 am, and we had a family cuddle with my husband and our French Bulldog, Steven. It’s a nice way to feel connected and start the day. I’ve always been a morning person, but it’s so much harder now with less sleep. My top tips get those curtains open, drink water right away to flush the body and hydrate, and take a quick shower.

All these small actions spark the energy I need to take on the day. Oh, and for time-saving, it also helps to have your clothes. After I fed the dog and Jax, I made my own breakfast. I’m a creature of habit, and my favorite recipe when I’m short on time is a protein smoothie: one scoop oats, two scoops of chocolate protein powder, ice, one banana, and unsweetened almond milk. Blitz together, and it tastes like a chocolate milkshake! I let my hair dry naturally and wear simple makeup. The biggest part of getting ready is breast pumping as I brush my teeth! I was asked if I could do the five-minute makeup challenge and laughed: my entire routine takes less than two minutes!

I plan my workouts every Sunday and aim to get in 3-5 a week – scheduled around my sleep or stress levels. Usually, I join a team session at the gym or train with a friend, but today I did a little workout at home with my Evian bottle close to hand. Hydrating effectively after exercising is so important for keeping your body functioning at its best.


Balancing a hectic lifestyle with wellbeing is something you have to work at every day. I use a scheduling app to plan my week, which helps me keep my brain in check. And I’ve swapped my never-ending to-do list for three simple daily tasks. Some days, I have to remind myself that it’s okay if all I did was keep a human alive. Other days, I feel like a superwoman.
When I find myself reaching a 10 or 11 on the stressed-out scale.

I take myself off to the beach or the woods to clear my head and discuss it with my husband when he’s home. Asking for help is not something to be ashamed of if it makes you a happier person with a positive mindset. My job is 24/7, so I always find myself working. I’m either filming, sharing my workouts on Instagram Stories, or speaking with my online clients worldwide. If I’m in London for meetings, like today, I aim to walk instead of using the Underground as it’s an amazing way to switch off, move your body, and rehydrate so your mind is focused on whatever’s next.

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