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6 Ways to Assist Wheelchair Clientele in Your Hotel

by Juan D. Vanpelt

Wheelchair accessibility is a huge factor for the elderly and disabled. The hotel industry must take into consideration what their clients need when they stay at hotels. Here are six ways that you can help your disabled clientele in your establishment:

Wheelchair Clientele in Your Hotel

Provide a Handicap Accessible Entrance and Parking

In an increasingly mobile society, the elderly and disabled need a way to access hotels. The first step in making your hotel more open is by removing any physical barriers that may be present on-site or at nearby bus stops, train stations, airports, etc., which could impede someone with limited mobility from accessing them easily. You should also ensure there are ramps available if you have stairs.

Ensure All Hotel Rooms are Wheelchair Accessible

Hotel rooms may be difficult to navigate, and disabled guests find out the hard way. If possible, always leave some extra spacious rooms for the disabled. That way, they do not have to collide with closets and bedposts when maneuvering around hotel rooms.

Offer Express Check-In

Having an express counter for any disabled guest to check-in without having to queue is an important consideration. While most people will normally allow a disabled person to skip the queue, it is not always the case. To avoid a showdown that could humiliate your disabled patients, consider setting apart an exclusive counter to make their check-in faster and hassle-free.

Install an Automatic Door

Opening and closing doors can be hectic for someone in a wheelchair. The handles may be beyond their reach, and they might have to wait for assistance, delaying their movement. Automatic doors that use motion sensors or access cards are an excellent way to help the disabled enjoy their stay at your facility. They will be able to enter and exit rooms with much ease.

Make Sure All Bathrooms are Wheelchair Accessible

Hotel bathrooms are notoriously hard to navigate, especially for the disabled and elderly. If you want your hotel to be friendly and accessible to these populations, consider adding handicap-accessible showers with grab bars inside the shower stall as well as an adjustable hand-held shower head on a long hose attached directly outside the tub or shower area if possible.

Provide Room Service for Disabled Guests

Disabled guests may have difficulty leaving their rooms or carrying heavy items around. Ensuring that they have access to room service goes a long way to ease their movement headache. They do not have to go to the lobby to get help or go to the dining hall to have their meals. In addition, having someone check on such guests will ensure that they can receive timely assistance for their needs.

The hospitality industry is often criticized for not being friendly to the disabled and elderly. But it doesn’t have to be that way. You can make your hotel more accessible without breaking any codes or regulations, as highlighted in this article. If you are disabled, you stay with ease and comfort at an NDIS accommodation, no matter what you need from an accommodation standpoint.

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