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Causes of Marijuana Paranoia & 4 Ways to Deal With It

by Juan D. Vanpelt

Marijuana has for years been used for recreational and medicinal purposes. You’ll get different products in any cannabis Dispensary, and many are associated with relaxation and better sleep. However, you may experience uncommon effects with weed use, and a perfect example is paranoia or anxiety. Although this is rate, it’s vital to understand what paranoia is all about. Who knows? It might happen to you at some point.

Marijuana Paranoia

What is paranoia& what are its causes?

What makes people prone to paranoia? Paranoia is a feeling similar to anxiety but is more specific. It’s an irrational suspicion of others that makes you believe that you’re being watched or followed. Paranoia is associated with consuming weed products with high THC levels but may be caused by other factors. This is associated with sex, genetics, sex, and THC content.

  • Sex

According to studies on THC tolerance, higher estrogen levels can raise cannabis sensitivity and lower your tolerance to cannabis. And this then means that you may be more sensitive to weed and its effects if you’re female.

  • TCH content

Consuming products with high THC content may also contribute to paranoia and other adverse effects. According to a 2017 ScienceDirect study on healthy adults, consuming 7.5 mg of THC diminished negative feelings associated with a stressful activity. However, higher doses of 12.5 mg increased the adverse effects. And it’s believed that you experience paranoia and anxiety when you consume a lot of THC.

  • Genetics

Many recreational users and growers turn to retailers like Zamnesia specifically for their low-THC cannabis varieties. Marijuana tends to offer more positive effects when it stimulates the front part of your brain. However, you may experience an adverse reaction if you are particularly sensitive to the effects of THC. Still, it is always a good idea to have a process to deal with cannabis-induced paranoia. Below are some quick steps to ease anxiety and keep you cool, calm, and collected:

How can I regulate paranoia and feel better?

1. Try relaxation

The many products in marijuana Dispensaries Near Me offer a high feeling and relation. However, if I consume too much, I try relaxation techniques to feel better and ease the anxiety. Deep breaths work best; they help get rid of unpleasant feelings and boost relaxation. Other relaxing activities also work. These include; listening to music, dancing, and coloring. Yoga also works and can help offer deep relaxation when coupled with deep breathing excises.

2. A cold shower works wonders!

A cold shower can help reboot your nervous system. It sends electrical impulses to the brain, thus boosting the production of mood elevation hormones and neurotransmitters. This helps improve signs of depression, fear, and anxiety and lifts your mood, making you feel better.

3. Squeeze some lemon juice

Lemon is known for its anti-anxiety properties. It can help diminish extreme highness and modulate THC effects on your brain. And this can be attributed to a high level of terpene and Limone. A glass of lemon juice will also leave you hydrated, and the high levels of vitamin C will help lower stress levels.

4. Drink more water-hydrate

Water hydrates your body and flushes out your system. It has natural calming properties and plays a critical role in anxiety management. ByYou’llxperience high relaxation levels and ease of tension.

 by drinking more waterFinal thoughts

All cannabis products offer varied effects for all users. Before purchasing your favorite products, learn of the proper dosages and the expected side effects. Also, start with lower doses and keep increasing them to achieve the desired high.

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